Dara Security

Compliance and Security Service for Local Small and Midsized Businesses

We are pleased to offer our local business neighbors our Compliance and Information Security Service package, especially designed for small and midsized business owners within the local vicinity of our Nevada headquarters.


Through our Compliance and Information Security Service package, we guide our local SMB owner in achieving and maintaining compliance with State of Nevada Data Protection and industry data protection acts, securing the SMB's information systems, and strengthening the SMB environment with the purpose of defending the business against a costly security breach.


The package includes an initial assessment in which we determine the mandates that apply to the business. Next, we review the business' current security state regarding physical, administrative, and technical security and provide recommendations based on what we find.

  • We offer security training annually for all employees and quarterly if there are any changes to requirements or if new employees come onboard.

  • The actual information security testing consists of quarterly external vulnerability testing, quarterly internal vulnerability testing, quarterly wireless testing (if applicable), and one annual external penetration test.

  • We perform quarterly onsite reviews to ensure the business remains compliant with mandates and file all required compliance documentation with relevant agencies.

  • We also provide advisory hours to discuss upcoming projects and changes in the business, helping to determine how they impact the company's information security.

Please contact us for a FREE consultation. We look forward to helping our local SMBs with their information security needs.