Dara Security

Security Program Manager

Complying with various laws, regulations, and standards can be a time consuming and tedious process.  In addition, as information security has become increasingly complex and regulations have become denser, organizations of all sizes find themselves in a position of needing dedicated security personnel either by choice or as dictated by compliance mandates. Unfortunately, it is infeasible for many organizations to have dedicated full-time staff for information security, and only the largest organizations can afford to staff positions across different domains, including Network Security, Forensics, Security Assessment, Compliance, and Incident Response. The Security Program Manager provides a full security team at a fraction of the cost needed to hire dedicated staff.


What You Gain

By engaging Dara Security as your Security Program Manager (SPM), you gain a wide range of security experts. A Chief Security Officer is needed to coordinate available resources, set security priorities for the organization, engage with senior executives to communicate the status of security initiatives and align with business priorities.   The SPM becomes a single point of contact for all security efforts, at a fraction of the cost of a large internal security team.


Customized For You

Dara Security personnel has developed and managed Security Programs for clients from a few dozen employees to Fortune 500 corporations. In each case, our staff members have assessed the needs of the client and crafted a Security Program unique to their needs. What works for a large governmental agency doesn't necessarily work for a small retailer, and vice versa. The Security Program Manager aligns security with the overall organizational goals, and ensures that the right assets are being protected.  This is to ensure that your organization follows audit and compliance laws, regulations and applicable standards and maintains a secure environment.