Dara Security

IT Security Program Services

Unlike most companies, Dara Security specializes in developing customized security solutions for organizations. We understand what you mean, not what you say. Our size and experience level allows us to provide a solution that truly meets your company’s current and future security management needs.

Dara Security can work with you to build a security program or to provide point solutions to validate your current programs.

    Mobile Device Attack & Penetration

    Device Interrogation and Configuration Review

    System/Network Diagnostic Review

    Firewall Review & Analysis

    Data Flow Analysis & Discovery

    Wireless Network Analysis

    RBAC & Password Review

    Network Segmentation Validation

Dara Security's team has experience in program building, security operations and security management. By leveraging this wide range of skills, we have the expertise needed to build and implement a reliable security program in your organization, which is supportable and fits your company's culture.