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PRESS RELEASE: Dara Security and FVC Consulting partnership

January 29, 2020

January 2020 - For immediate release

Dara Security confirms partnership program with FVC Consulting for the Latin America and Caribbean Region

Dara Security is pleased to confirm its ongoing partnership with FVC Consulting, SRL, in providing information security services to organizations within the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region.  Through the partnership, Dara Security and FVC Consulting have seen significant market growth in the region and are committed to continuing their initiative to develop the portfolio of products and services in the LAC marketplace.

Dara Security appreciates FVC Consulting’s commitment to building healthy business relationships with all our LAC clients.  Over the past three years, we have seen a substantial increase in sales from three accounts to more than thirty active clients, and our presence has expanded from three countries to eight countries across the Latin America and Caribbean region.  

Dara Security recognizes FVC Consulting as a strong partner, contributing more than thirteen years of experience in the LAC.  Dara Security values FVC Consulting’s expertise in offering Information Security, Risk and Compliance services to LAC merchants and service providers in different industrial sectors such as Telecommunications, Retail, Financial, Software Development, Contact Centers, and Data Centers.  

Solidly partnered with FVC Consulting, Dara Security looks forward to new opportunities and increased growth within the LAC region.  We rely on FVC Consulting to improve the direct business relationship with different customers in several LAC countries by promoting services and facilitating legal negotiations / local requirements. 

Dara Security (www.darasecurity.com) is a provider of information security services with clients in the United States, Canada, and Latin America and Caribbean markets.  Dara Security has extensive experience in PCI DSS, PA-DSS, P2PE, PCI 3DS, HIPAA, SSAE, and TR-39.  Founded in 2014, Dara Security’s mission is to protect information assets so that companies can achieve their business goals. 

FVC Consulting, SRL, is a compliance and risk management solution provider for the Latin America and Caribbean region.  With deep understanding of cyber threats and new demanding regulatory requirements, FVC Consulting’s executives have created information security and compliance programs to prevent fraud and secure data, reduce liability, and enhance best practices and the confidential posture for all our clients.

For more information, please visit the Dara Security website at: www.darasecurity.com.