Dara Security

Dara Security is a PCI Qualified Assessor Company

June 17, 2019

We are proud to have earned the PCI Qualified PIN Assessor (PCI QPA) certification which allows us to perform assessments using the PCI PIN Security Standard. With our PCI QPA certification, we have demonstrated that we are equipped with the latest knowledge and tools to assist payment stakeholders to comply with Version 3.0 of the PCI PIN Security Standard.

By utilizing a PCI QPA company to conduct the PCI PIN assessment, a merchant or service provider can be confident that:

·         the auditor has the required skills and experience to conduct an accurate assessment,

·         the company has processes for protecting a client’s confidential information, and

·         the company has client references from relevant security assessment engagements.

We are PCI QPA-certified to serve the USA and LAC markets and look forward to assisting payment stakeholders in these regions with PCI PIN compliance.